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Career Storytelling Toolkit

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Informational Interviewing Tracker


The Quest for Meaningful Work

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

A Guide to Talking About Layoffs

A Guide to Career Storytelling

Emotional Development

Emotional Development: FAQ

Accountability vs. Responsibility

Naming Emotions & Feelings

Take 100% Responsibility


The Pomodoro Technique

Spotify Playlists

Actionable Resources

Manager Competencies

Slide Decks

Building Resilience (healing burnout)

Building Career Capital (w/o raise or promos)


The Career Storytelling Sprint (CBC)

Hot Topics

Burnout & Resilience

Guide to Successful 1:1s

Handling Micro-Managers

Manager’s Handbook

New to Mindfulness Meditation

Radical Candor (Feedback)

Software Engineer Leveling Matrix

Startup Founder Resources