I’ve spent the past decade developing people & teams from early-stage startups to large organizations across tech.

“Ryan can create an open space to be yourself from the get go. He is instantly able to create a space for you to be your authentic self and share your feelings. I felt like I can be open and honest with Ryan, without fearing judgement, and he is there to help me. Over time, this relationship got even stronger as I think we have been able to freely communicate with each other, which is super helpful during coaching.” — Usman Shabbir, Startup Founder

“Ryan made me feel validated, encouraged, and self-confident. He turned my dreams into goals, and goals into simple tasks. This empowered me to begin building momentum toward the future I desire. I'm an external processor. Ryan did a phenomenal job of asking intelligent and strategic questions and then letting me talk it out with myself.” — Nathan Warner, L&D Consultant

“As a teacher transitioning out of the classroom with a goal to get a job in digital marketing, I was terrified; However, my nerves were quickly put to ease when Ryan and I started working together. After one call he was quick to identify my strengths, coached me on my weaknesses, and helped me identify useful terminology. I landed a digital marketing job less than one month later, and have been there ever since! It has been a dream fit of a career change for me so far! I would highly recommend working with Ryan if you are needing some career guidance, coaching, or networking.” — Kathleen O'Donnell, Digital Marketing Account Manager

“Ryan was attentive and engaged in listening to my thoughts and concerns. He gave me space to talk and explain my situation, at length, and always had insightful questions. His questions and genuine interest forced to me to clarify my thoughts and feelings on every topic. When thinking by myself, I could be a little sloppy and brush over details. But Ryan held me accountable to wrestle with the details.” — Scott Wong, VP of Machine Learning

“Ryan made me feel comfortable right away - his unassuming and supportive approach made me feel I could trust him. He also showed a lot of interest in my work, did his homework and made me feel he really cared. With just a few questions, Ryan helped me work through my feelings and reframe my thinking. Problems often feel less big and insurmountable after my sessions with Ryan.” — Joei Chan, Director of Brand and Content

“Talking with Ryan gave me the confidence to decide to take a chance on a different job that I felt better aligned with the type of work interactions and activities I wanted to be engaging in. As my coach, Ryan helped me find productive perspectives on my career concerns and gave me actionable steps to create a better work life balance.” — Jennifer Brock, Event Sales Manager

“To anyone navigating a career transition or exploring a change, I definitely recommend working with Ryan! His advice and guidance are grounding and he helps instill a strong sense of confidence. Super kind and fun, Ryan is a great partner to have!” — Hannah Brown, PMM

“From the first moment with Ryan, he made me feel like he was eager to help. I was able to contextualize my prior roles exit and move on. I was also able to re-connect with my ambition and future-focused mindset.He put resources at my disposal to help me define what my future vision is in regard to career as well as personal life could be, and he continued to be present and show up at each of our sessions to dig deep and pull on threads where he could add value.” — Mario Sierra, Lab Study Coordinator